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Simple changes so your home stands out.

Unfortunately, homes in the Phoenix area are not selling as quickly as they have in the past few years. In fact, the sales volume of homes priced less than $150,000 is down by nearly half. This is because the large institutional investors that mostly drove the sale of less expensive housing the past few years [...]Read more

3 Steps for the Indecisive First-Time Home Buyer

Coming to the decision to buy a home can be an exciting time for anyone. You can’t wait to have your own house, a backyard to garden, a kitchen to stock, a handful of rooms to decorate and a place where you can finally plant your roots in (so to speak). More often than not, [...]Read more

5 of the Biggest Mistakes Homebuyers Make

Buying a home can be one of the biggest moments in a person’s life. For a first-time homebuyer, the task can be daunting and if you don’t research the proper information and consult with the appropriate professionals, you could be making detrimental mistakes. These mistakes can not only cause a world of stress and confusion, [...]Read more

Negotiating Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

Set Your Priorities Early: Know what is really important to you as a home buyer and know what the home and contract terms are worth to you.

Know Your Local Environment: Ask your agent to provide local information to you such as the recent sold prices and average days on market for similar homes.

Get [...]Read more

Preparing for a Home Inspection

When selling your house, one of the best actions to take is to get a Certified Home Inspection done. Smart home sellers should know the condition of their home and should be prepared to acknowledge any deficiencies or concerns about the home as the majority of homebuyers will require such information. A home inspection can [...]Read more

FHA mortgage insurance premiums are rising

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) is a United States government agency created in the 30′s to insure home loans. They charge an up front mortgage insurance premium to offset the costs associated with running the agency and to cover losses from loan defaults. For years the premium has been 1% of the loan amount but [...]Read more

Warren Buffet and rental homes

Warren Buffet was asked again about his eventual successor as chief executive officer at Berkshire Hathaway. Although he provided no more information on the matter than he has in the past, he did discuss his top stock picks and said that the only investment opportunity that he currently liked better than stocks was housing. “It’s [...]Read more

More details regarding Government refinance program H.A.R.P.

The government has now released more details on their Home Affordable Refinance Program which is designed to allow more homeowners lower their monthly mortgage payments by taking advantage of low interest rates. The program is focused on helping homeowners that are current on their mortgage payments but are “upside down” owing more on their home [...]Read more

Fed properties hit the auction block.

In an effort to curb costs the federal government is disposing of unneeded property including real estate. The President’s goal is to realize $3 billion in savings by October of 2012.

I looked over the site and saw some interesting items listed including a desert home in Ajo, Arizona that had a bid of $50, [...]Read more

New refinance help for “underwater” homeowners

If you own a home that is valued less than owed and you have stayed current with your payments then new program changes to the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) may be of interest. Complete program details are not anticipated until November 15th, 2011 and operational availability with lenders until later in December. For now [...]Read more

10 ways to prep your home for sale using P90X

By now you’ve seen the television commercials for P90X, right? Tony Horton and his sculpted comrades do endless pull-ups on the screen while you decide whether to order the DVD’s and change your physique or switch the channel and maintain status quo. Regardless of your fitness goals, if you plan on selling a personal residence [...]Read more

Top 10 homebuyer turnoffs

If you want to sell your home then avoid these mistakes. When homebuyers are faced with one of these problems, they will most likely cut their visit short and eliminate your home from their consideration.

 1. Odor – cigarette smoke and pet odor are sure ways to send buyers to the next house quickly. When [...]Read more

Phoenix Enjoys a Strong Rental Market

Phoenix News 15 reports that Phoenix rental vacancy rates have dropped to an average of 6.6 percent and that rents have appreciated 2.2 percent.  Many landlords are renting clean properties in a matter of days and sometimes carry a back log of interested renters.  This strong rental market in Phoenix has been created as foreclosed [...]Read more

The Mortgage Debt Relief Act of 2007 and Debt Cancellation

Will I be taxed on the deficiency if I short sell my home?  This is the most common question asked of me by individuals contemplating the short sale of their home.  The correct answer is, “it depends”.  Reviewing the following information published by the IRS and consulting with a tax professional are important steps in [...]Read more

How much will my home in Phoenix rent for?

How much will my home in Phoenix rent for?  What should I look for when buying a Phoenix rental home?  And, where is the best place in Phoenix to buy a rental home?  As a Phoenix property manager these are the three most common questions asked of me by Phoenix rental home investors.  Hopefully the [...]Read more

Go Daddy is adding jobs in Scottsdale, AZ

Scottsdale, Arizona-based Go Daddy is hiring 350 employees.  Go Daddy’s president and chief operating officer said that 250 of the new full-time hires will be part of its metro Phoenix operations.  Nearly 70 percent of the jobs will be in call centers, with other positions in areas such as Linux, engineering, information technology, development, marketing, [...]Read more

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